Joey's Bio:

Listening to Joey’s style of play is to know him personally. His playing is an image of his personality: laid back, solid, driven. Joey started playing drums when he was 13 and made it on the stage professionally at 14. Joey resides with his family in Sunrise Beach, Texas.

Jody's Bio:

"The Gifted" as his brother has nicknamed him. And many who have had the opportunity to see this entertainer will agree. Jody is no stranger to the stage. At the tender age of 4 Jody would join his father Billy on stage with a fiddle. He wasn’t playing any actual tunes on this instrument but it was evident that he was destined to entertain; moving around and wiggling like he was Charlie Daniels. Jody resides with his wife, Deanna, in Kingsland, Texas.

Billy's Bio:

When Billy was 12 years old, his Momma sent him out to buy a new pair of shoes. Billy came back with a $12.00 guitar and taught himself to play. His older brother, Johnny, came by to see him play and was so impressed that he bought him a new and better guitar. Billy and his brother, Roger, started a band when Billy was 13 years old and they would entertain the patrons at the local soda shop in Corpus Christi. Billy found his voice here. At the age of 16, Billy picked up a bass guitar and learn to play it just in time for a weekend gig that his friends were putting on. Billy continued to play with this band until he graduated high school. Billy is no stranger to the road: in 1981 he began touring with his family and has played for great country acts such as Willie Nelson, Freddie Fender, Little David Wilkins. Billy resides with his wife, Glenda, in Llano, Texas.